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The Lists Of Memorable Movies From The 80s And 90s

It’s true that the 80s and the 90s are the decades when there are so many great original movies have been made. That’s why these years, there is so many remakes of movies that are originating from those two decades. Whether it’s a sci-fi, superhero, action, or drama, there are various of remake movies that have been created these days, due to the excellent original ideas from the 20th century. Check this website to know more about the top movies of 2017. Right now we’d like to share some info with you about the list of memorable movies from the last two decades of 20th century.

1. Jurassic Park

It’s undeniably the best dinosaur movie which many people have ever seen. Although the T-REX looks real, it’s actually not using too much computer effect. The T-REX scene when it attacks the children car has made by using a giant real robot T-REX. The scene when the T-REX chasing the visitors of the park has become one of the most memorable scenes from the 90s. Good job, Mr. Spielberg!

2. The Independence day

This movie brings the dawn of the special effect era of the Hollywood. Some movie enthusiasts have stated that this movie is the first Hollywood movie which is using the amazing special effect that we’ve seen in many Hollywood movie these days. That’s why when it first comes out at the cinema, many people minds have been blown away by the stunning special effects that have been made for this movie, especially when the white house is being blown away by the alien laser from the giant UFO.

3. The poltergeist

It has been considered as a cursed movie. There are so many actors and actresses that have died after they’ve played this movie. Although it’s considered to be cursed, this movie brings a great horror movie quality, that still can be considered as “scary” for the 21st century. The poltergeist is one of the most memorable horror movies from the 80s.