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We are your “ONE STOP SHOP” for any of your needs related appliances

At the time the technology has advanced, housework can be solved more easily because of the help of a variety of electronic equipment without time-consuming and a large force across the jobs can be done effectively. That is why various household appliances became friends dream for every family, but the electronic devices also have their own dangers because it uses electric power and usage may result in electric shock or when they are not functioning properly then your work will be delayed and become irritating. You will think about how to keep your equipment can be reused. You may be able to diagnose the damage done to your household appliances, but not enough skill to fix it then it is time you use our services, namely Placerville appliance repair professionals at Appliance Company is engaged in the repair of household appliances.

You do not need to worry about whether your equipment is damaged can be repaired or not because we did not look at the brand and can fix any kind. Our service is open 24 hours and will immediately undertake a process to improve your household appliances with our honest service and not charged for calling home. You will get quality services because we already have the experience and license to repair the damaged goods. Besides other services is that you can get a discount and a warranty for 90 days or one year and an extra that can make you get the convenience is that we will immediately provide our services on the first call. You will not be disappointed with the results of our workmanship because we have highly trained workers to repair household appliances so that you will get satisfaction. You will not be disappointed when your washing machine is not functioning properly and you bring the washing machine to us or we come to your home and then fix what is broken. We provide services consistently so you do not have to worry to submit your damaged equipment to us for repair.